Wonkette Officially Wins Best Libtard Blog!

Wonkette Officially Wins Best Libtard Blog!

Voting ended, reviews of CHEATING have been run, and the winners have been certified: Wonkette is yourBest Libtard Netroots Blog of the century! Hooray! Thank you to all readers for your daily votes; Warring is never an easy effort and many people literally died in this latest crusade. Congratulations to our fellow members of the Axis Powers, too, for dominating their categories: Rumproast,~ synthesis ~,Comics Curmudgeon and Driftglass. Also, be sure to add such collateral damage victims as Grace the Spot,Jon Swift and Blue Gal to your RSS subscriptions AT ONCE. This, friends, is what feminism looks like. [Weblog Awards]


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