Wonkette Operative Special Mission: Be Michele Bachmann's Intern!

This is the kind of double-secret intelligence-gathering covert agent work that separates the Tipsters from the Operatives: Congresswoman Michele Bachmann ISO young, sexy college students to serve as spring interns.

Although she has only served for six or so weeks (so far!), Rep. Bachmann has already distinguished herself by:

a) Sexually assaulting the president on live teevee after the State of the Union speech.

b) Doing right-wing talk-show interviews while naked.

c) Unveiling the secret conspiracy to give Iraq to Van Morrison's old band ("Them").

d) Running a Minnesota baby farm.

Don't you want to work with the Honorable Hotty McCrazyLady? Details after the jump.

Here's the ad just posted on HillZoo.com:

Unpaid Interns

The Office of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is seeking applications for an unpaid, full time or part-time internship to begin immediately for duration of the Spring Semester. Duties will include sorting and inputting mail, answering phones, assisting the staff with a variety of projects, conducting tours of the United States Capitol, and helping with various constituent services.

This is an excellent opportunity for college students and graduates seeking Hill experience. Full-time and part-time positions are available with flexible scheduling.

If interested, please contact the Intern Coordinator at (202) 225-[REDACTED], or send a resume and cover letter to [REDACTED]@mail.house.gov.

-- -- -- -- --

Granted, that sounds boring as hell. But it's Bachmann's office, so it's bound to be more fun than a barrel of Christian Babies.

Plus, she is a sexy lady and she likes making babies. There is a good chance a handsome young man in her unpaid employ might get lucky! If you apply and get the internship (Hint: Don't mention Wonkette), we will pay you $20 (Twenty Dollars) for hot Bachmann gossip. Do it now!

Unpaid Interns [Hill Zoo]


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