Wonkette Party Crash: Hotline Says Good-bye To Chuck Todd

Buh-bye! - WonketteHotline and National Journal threw a good-bye party for ex-Hotline EIC Chuck Todd last night and we crashed the party. Chuck's got another baby on the way -- and insider political magazines don't provide a whole lot of Pampers. So he's trading in all those years of integrity for a few nice suits and Brian Williams' orange tan.

Follow Liz Gorman, Girl Reporter, and Intern Nick as their shoulders soak up the tears of the many scorned "acolytes" of Chuck "Show Me the Money" Todd, after the jump. And yes, there's a photo gallery, too!

Even though the National Journal has fancy offices at the Watergate, a party for your ace guy needs to be in the kind of room a titan of industry would feel comfortable dying in: the wood-paneled majesty of the private lounge at the Gallery Place Clyde's. Toss in a full open bar, and you've got a sob-fest waiting to happen. Fifteen years, people!

We didn't actually see anyone crying, though. Chuck is just moving over to MSNBC, which leases or subcontracts or "partners" with National Journal and The Hotline for all their political coverage anyway -- which makes it more of a minor league to major league move, or an in-depth analysis to the shit Chris Mathews does kinda thing.

Anyway, everyone who has ever worked with Chuck thinks he's the bestest ever, including Atlantic Media president John Sullivan, who's entire farewell speech consisted of saying the word "integrity" over and over. And hey, it might not be hard to get Tim Russert to an open bar, but he was there nonetheless, filling the room with the "stares of deep understanding" that are his Purple Rain.

Group hug! - Wonkette

By the door there was a big card with every inch covered in loving messages and a scrapbook of Chuck-over-the-years photos. Then the whole party got together for the warm-fuzziest group picture you ever saw from a political magazine. Then we realized that if we got hit by a bus on the way home, we couldn't get this many people to even show up at our funeral, so we went back to the bar.


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