Wonkette Party Crash: Radicals for Capitalism Book Party

There was a party Friday night for Reason magazine Senior Editor Brian Doherty's new book Radicals for Capitalism: A Freewheeling History of the Modern American Libertarian Movement. The over-partied duo of Liz Gorman and Intern Nick were given strict instructions to play nice with the Libertarians, while doing reconnaissance on the hot new Reason offices near Dupont Circle.

Your photo gallery is right here and your party report, featuring Nick's wide-eyed fascination with and slight fear of libertarians, is after the jump.

Reason Magazine's "Radicals For Capitalism" Party Gallery

One of the widely held beliefs on the Washington cocktail circuit is that, while often creepy and largely irrelevant, Libertarians are the best partiers around. That Reason now has a seemingly virginal retro-cool office in the heart of Dupont, and was throwing this little jim-jam on a Friday night, had us thinking we were in for the (book) party of our lives.

Sadly, just because a political group is fundamentally anti-government and pro-drug doesn't mean they're gonna be serving anything besides Amstel Light. When even the guys from Flex Your Rights, are sipping thumb-and-index-finger style, it becomes apparent that aspirations of legitimacy trump, you know, fun. Which is not to say that it wasn't a good time -- watching Reason EIC Nick Gillespie beaming like a proud dad was really its own reward.

After a lengthy discussion with Original Wonkette regarding what the best strategy would be - should the Libertarian mob decide to lock us in the glass enclosed conference room, reveal that we were actually at a key party, and begin fornicating wildly -- it was decided that having burnt and depleted retinas wouldn't prove much hindrance to a journalism career after all. That, and, if nothing else, we did have a few days worth of cheese cubes in there.

As fate would have it, Friday wasn't our night to be sacrificed to The Fountainhead. Libertarians, like everybody else, need alcohol to get a party started, and since more than twice as many gun-loving, tax-hating hard drinkers showed up then were planned for, dry went the still. Finally, in a move that can only be described as Libertarianesque, when the cries of thirsty party-goers reached his ears, Nick Gillespie Shrugged.


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