So, you ladies want your own radio show?

We weren't expecting too much when we were invited to a party at the XM Satellite Radio studios -- big brick building in an ugly part of town, people not attractive enough for real radio, etc. -- but the soirée was sponsored by Capitol File and it was for the spawn of Tim Russert, so it was packed fulla the media elite and their hangers-on, dressed in a confused amalgam of fancy and casual that DC still can't quite pull off.

Still, we had a good time -- mostly because the open bar was one the best-stocked we've seen so far (Makers! Beam Black! Turkey!), but also because James Carville kind of hit us on the shoulder and growled something unintelligible-but-maybe-threatening as he passed by us to refill his drink. Our full report, complete with exclusive pictures from Liz Gorman, Intrepid Girl Reporter, after the jump.

As we mentioned -- big ugly brick building by a Wendy's and a FedEx sorting warehouse or something. Seeing valets and rented limos depositing socialites there was a bit disconcerting. But the interior was fabulous, in a futuristic-circa-1998 sort of way, with indirect colored lights and a quiet techno soundtrack. Or maybe it was loud and we just couldn't hear it over the din of networking and schmoozing -- it was fuckin' packed in there.

Oh, right -- the point of the party was to celebrate the launch of a new XM sports show featuring, weirdly, James Carville and Luke Russert. Because it's XM, and their motto is "Bored and in love with the sound of your own voice? We'll give you your own damn channel!" Yeah, yeah, don't bitch just because your dad got you a car and not a talk radio show for Christmas.

IMG_7285.JPGListen to this dog talk home decor with Mary Matalin three times a week, only on XM!

Anyway, Luke was there (but none of the pictures of him turned out, so just pretend his corner of the room looked like this), and so was everyone who owes his dad money, or maybe just wants to owe his dad money, thus earning Tim's attention.

IMG_7286.JPG"What, this? Yeah, it was left in the office fridge. Look, there wasn't a name on it, it's fair game."

Once again, we missed talking to cute/charming lobbyists, though we did cross paths with the usual number of friendly-if-slightly-over-excited PR folk.

IMG_7290.JPGOne of the important differences between old-fashioned radio and satellite radio is that satellite radio studios are decorated like hip Thai restaurants.

A bunch of Luke's college buddies were hanging out too (but no hot bitches, alas) -- now, we're pretty sure that Luke's a sophomore, and we're also pretty sure a couple of 'em were hitting up the open bar. We're not sayin' anything, of course.


Looking back, it would've been more appropriate if there'd been a keg instead of top-shelf liquor and white wine. Also, every time an either exhausted looking or overly-perky server walked by with a tray of food, it was something weirder than the tray before -- seriously, a shot glass of artichoke soup? WTF, Capitol File?

IMG_7300.JPG"Why yes, I've gained control of the satellites. There's only one man who can stop me, and I'm afraid my henchmen have him rather... tied up at the moment."

Hot topics: Donna Brazile's makeup regimen. "Buzz." The weird aging cyberpunk-lookin' guys in Bono glasses. Who got invited to the Bloomberg party. More fun: Hill or Roll Call columnists? How awesome it would be if Chris Matthews got his son a show.

IMG_7302.JPGBefore you mock, you should know that the glasses are actually prescribed to correct a hereditary disinclination towards goofy-ass haircuts.

The schwag: Even LAMER than the This Week schwag. Seriously, an XM tote bag, a copy of Capitol File, and a "Sports Talk" t-shirt. Xtra large!

IMG_7303.JPGWe loved this chair. We were mesmerized the whole party by this room. We still don't know what was going on in there, but it looked IMPORTANT and sorta FUTURE-Y.

Overheard: "Extra large? Who the hell do they think this shirt's for?"




IMG_7334.JPGA minute after taking this picture, Liz sarcastically said, "Oh, man, I can't believe I forgot to bring the headshot of Tim Russert I carry around with me at all times." Then the guy on the left said "excuse me" and walked right past her. Best moment of the night, but then, we were already pretty hammered.


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