Wonkette Providence Happy Hour Extravaganza Details, Come Or Be Hated

Wonkette Providence Happy Hour Extravaganza Details, Come Or Be Hated

Who would anyone want to go to aWonkette Detroit happy hour, besides maybe a car or something? Are you a CAR? So come to Wonkette Providence happy hour instead -- it's right down the street! -- with "Internet writer Jim Newell," who will have to get drunk early in the afternoon by himself if you don't. Save Jim from an average day, please.

We are here in Providence for the Netroots Nation "Libtards of the World Unite (To Cry About Everything)" Conference 2012, where this morning we saw a hilario.... no, sad, sad is what it was, we saw a very sad panel about the foreclosure fraud crisis and general banks-control-everything facts of modern existence from which there's no escape anytime in the near future. It was fab! And then Elizabeth Warren showed up and was like "Hey you all know me." Nice gal (for a Mexican.)

Anyway how about 2:00 p.m. tomorrow for this meet-up. You'll all be there or you'll be banned. You'll come from everywhere. Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut. Massachussetts and Connecticut are half a crap away from this creepy 2x4 island-state clam place, really. Come from New York, why not? Why not? We will meet at 2:00 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday) at:

Murphy's Bar

100 Fountain St.

Providence, RI 02903

First drinks are on me. (Did I really just fucking say that?) I don't want to die alone. First drink is on... you. I don't want to die alone. Please email me at jim@wonkette.com if you plan on coming, or just show up.


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