Wonkette PSA: Get Your Daily Allowance of Butterstick

ButterfaceTired? Angry? Scared? Confused? We recommend a full helping of Butterstick. And not that way. Pandas will not overturn Roe. Pandas will not give you bird flu. Pandas will not close the Senate. Not unless it's really important. What do they do? They take first steps. The chew bamboo contentedly. They restore our faith in the world. Butterstick (known in some circles as Tai Shan, whatever) makes his public debut will be on display in a special sneak preview for volunteers and National Zoo members* next week and the first batch of tickets -- over 6000 of them -- sold out in four hours. But don't despair! You'll get another crack at His Creamy Goodness at 9AM today. Tickets are available through the Friends of the National Zoo website and you better make it snappy, only 1800 are being let loose.

Want a friend in Washington? Buy a ticket for the panda.

*Sorry about that. But you can join while reserving tix! We did: Now on sked to view The Buttery One Nov. 19...

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