Wonkette Reader Mail: Accuracy in Media Edition

Say this for the Powerline readers, they're perfectionists! Give them five minutes, they'll give you a substantially-more-thought-out piece of their mind!


From: fpcooper@XXXXXX.XXX

Subject: power line

Date: May 25, 2005 11:05:01 AM EDT

Dear Skankette, You got your ass kicked in Power Line today. You left wing PIGS just can't get it right.


From: fpcooper@XXXXX.XXX

Subject: Power Line

Date: May 25, 2005 11:10:11 AM EDT

To: tips@wonkette.com

Dear Skankette, Power Line kicked your big ass today! Seems like you leftest PIGS just can't get it right!

Talk about "fact-checking your ass!" (Though we could have sworn the diet was working....) In any case, Mr. fpcooper's note alerted us to the simmering controversy over remarks we made yesterday at the Last Blogging Panel We'll Ever Be On (Honest).

Do you care? Read on...

We drew a parallel between the MSM and certain political bloggers, noting that the growing similarity between the two groups: "They're cliqueish, they're arrogant, they get things wrong." (And we're proud to be one of them.) As an example, we cited Powerline going "memo-happy" after their victory over CBS, noting that the team behind the blog seemed to be convinced that the Terri Schiavo "talking points" memo was a Democrat dirty trick, and that they hung onto this belief: "They wouldn't back down -- just like CBS." Powerline has since pointed out that they did back down, just as soon as a GOP staffer admitted that he had written the Schiavo memo. In other words, after their speculation was categorically disproved, they stopped making it. Awesome. Gold stars all around.

Thank You, Michelle [Powerline]


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