Wonkette Reader Mail: Fork You

The thing about the protesters at inauguration was that they had a clear message. We just appear to have misunderstood. A reader writes in to correct us regarding our mention of a "anti-fork marriage" protest:

In your blog, you said that there were protesters objecting to fork marriage. This is patently untrue. We were out there protesting the fact that the there is no difference between Bush and Kerry; they are both pro-fork. Forks are inanimate objects. There is no way they would ever be able to marry. We know that. We are not crazy.

Please put your pro-fork biases aside, and stop trivializing our beliefs. I think our great message is, "down with forks, up with hope."

Please reread the entry in the Washington Post blog. "Fork Marriage" was not mentioned.

Let me know if you have any questions about the growing anti-fork movement. I'd be more than happy to help you see the light.

Uhm, thanks.


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