Wonkette Reader Mail: The WonkDad Edition

How We Got This Way, Part One:

From: WonkDad

Subject: howdy

Date: April 30, 2005 11:20:52 PM EDT

I was really disappointed with the reporters, including David Gregory, during Bush's press conference. What a bunch of suck ups. Are there no real reporters? journalists? It seems that they are all looking for something. Maybe they will not get to ask questions, or ride in the big plane. Maybe if they look good and Bush treats them well, they will get a TV show or something. It is entertainment not journalism and it is revolting. But I cannot blame Gregory. He has done well on TV but he and his colleagues just let Bush roll over them. We would be better off with no reporters - at least we would all know that it was government pap. 1984.

That is not why am writing. Who do you like in the NBA playoffs?

David Gregory, of course.

Press Conference of the President [WhiteHouse.gov]

UPDATE: WonkDad reconsiders:

I did not expect you were going to show my letter. I should apologize to David Gregory. He was actually very persistent as Bush tried to wiggle a way.
And he's got a mean jump shot.

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