Wonkette Reader Mail: (Unintelligible)

Wonkette readers can also type! One operative wrote in to respond to our post about Tucker Carlson's interview with a possibly hungover tsunami survivor:

Dear Wonkette,

Today, I saw your comment about a Tucker Carlson CNN transcript: "Yes, we try that (unintelligible) trick to cover up drinking, too." As a contractor for the company that transcribes those illustrious CNN transcripts, I too know the attraction to typing (UNINTELLIGIBLE) during slightly controversial TV moments instead of typing what I actually hear.

For instance, if I'm transcribing, and I swear I hear Anderson Cooper say, "And so then I had amazing sex with Mr. Bush for an hour," but it has the slim chance of actually being "And so then Iyad Allawi met with Mr. Bush for an hour," it's best to go with the (UNINTELLIGIBLE) rather than type the wrong (though plausible) sexual expose and risk being the newest source for a Kitty Kelley biography.


An anonymous CNN transcriber/Wonkette fan

This is fine. Wonkette encourages lies of omission, just as long as you send us what you're omitting. (So we're a go on the Anderson thing, right?)


Tsunami Coverage, Worthy of Gentle Mocking, Right? Yeah? [Wonkette]


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