Wonkette Readers Lives Keep Getting Better

Has this ever happened to you? You're standing outside Lauriol Plaza, in the midst of a sixty minute wait for $12 quesadillas, and you're thinking to yourself, "My life would be perfect and complete if only I could get Wonkette on my handheld wireless device." Well, American heroes, we've got good news for you.

As part of our continuing efforts to whore ourselves out, we've found a new way to make Wonkette accessible on your mobile device (Palm, Blackberry, or Pocket PC). This new service downloads the latest Wonkette content whenever you sync, so you can read it on the go, whether you've got a wireless signal or not. Just follow this link to find out all the lovely details.

And while we're pimping, we remind you that this is the season of giving, and the Gawker Shop has got swag for all the Wonkette operatives on your list. In this age of worry over global terrorism, can a Wonkette T-Shirt make you and you loved ones safer? Sure! Why not? Anyway, the economy isn't going to goose itself! So visit the Gawker Shop today!


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