Wonkette Reborn!

After much thought and consideration, I have decided to become an Official Liberal Blogger. I am hoping this means I will get invited to fewer National Press Clubs panels, as they take up a lot of time and I really should be working on my novel. What this means for you:

Instead of....More...
Ass-fucking jokesMoveOn.org press releases.
Ass-fucking jokes Calls to investigate right-wing bias at the New York Times!
Ass-fucking jokes Detailed analysis of Social Security privitazation, guest-blogged by my father who is a member of the Society of Actuaries and totally knows his shit.
Jokes of any kind, really. Comments section.

From now on, call me "Wonkleft." I'm going to the Office of Liberal Blogs to sign the loyalty oath and get the gift bag (Poster of Atrios, 1972 convention rule book, dance version remix of "Don't Stop Thinking About Tomorrow"....) See you after lunch!


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