This Woman's Obituary Was So Harsh, Her Son Was Left Reeling! Tabs, Mon., July 12, 2021

Maybe you shouldn't have tried to pass off the cheesecake recipe as your own, PAM. It's tabs!

I am ... actually surprised. Hospitalized COVID patients say they regret not getting the shot. (NBC News) Vax-less assholes overwhelming the ERs and making Missouri nurses cry again, dying for no fucking reason. (KansasCity)

Oh ha ha.

Make Republicans pay a political price for valorizing the 1/6 insurrectionists and discouraging young people from getting the vaccine. Engage the goddamn culture war and WIN IT. Good newsletter from Brian Beutler.

You know how the mean ol' NSA is spying on Tucker Carlson? Eric Boehlert would like to make some excellent points.(PressRun)

Not only is South Dakota's Hit and Run AG attempting to access his late victim's medical records to see if he might have been "suicidal," but somehow he's also still South Dakota's AG! — MPR

Did a Denver hotel housekeeper stop a Vegas-style massacre? And if she did, why have three people been arrested in addition to the guy who said he'd "go out in a big way"? MYSTERY. (Denver Channel) Oh, that was the second hotel housekeeper this week; the first was in Chicago, in a hotel overlooking "Fourth of July festivities." What fun we have in the US of A! (ABC News)

A list of absolutely insane gun laws Texas Gov. Greg Abbott signed in June, okay. (KSAT)

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Covering Trump. Really fun Julia Ioffe look at the reporters who made names reporting on the crazies and incompetents. — Tomorrow Will Be Worse


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Welcome To Wonkette Happy Hour, With This Week's Special, Blueberry Smash!

Also, the best glass of blueberry lemonade you'll ever drink.

Greetings, Wonketteers! I'm Hooper, your bartender. Last week I got a request to help out with a blueberry mojito. Fruit, mint, sugar, and booze are all awesome, but balancing all these things out is a bit of a trick. Here's my take on making it all work.

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Genius Ways You Probably Never Thought To Cook With Spam! Tabs, Fri., July 9, 2021

Bet I did. Come on it, it's tabs!

Lauren Boebert's district in Mesa County, Colorado, had a shitkickin' country music festival, and guess what happened, no guess. (Charlotte Observer)

I guess I missed the Politico "Kamala Harris runs a mean office bad lady girlboss" story, because I'm just finding out about it from Eric Boehlert! (I am of course familiar with Amy Klobs's salad comb, and also a pretty jerkoff-motion Business Insider takedown last week of Mean Boss Kyrsten Sinema, for whom I do not care but MAN was it jerkoff-motion.) — PressRun

Yestertoday's big culture story was the woman who says she is (and the author admitted) the protagonist in last year's — wait, three years ago? Fuck! — New Yorker story "Cat Person." But instead of a big ol' fucktussle cancel culture bloodletting, she approaches the author with respect, and is treated with respect, and it's gentle and thoughtful like the Before Times. (Slate)

Related, this 2016 Fresh Air interview with memoirist Mary Kerr about writing about people and being written about. Also gentle and thoughtful and respectful and INTERESTING! Who owns your story? Whose do you own? — NPR

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Ex-Burglars Spill Their Tricks To Help People Avoid Getting Robbed! Tabs, Thurs., July 8, 2021

Come in, come in, we got all your tabs!

Do you need a primer on how gerrymandering and the Supreme Court fuck voters? Because Hillary Clinton is wearing her schoolmarm shoes. (Democracy Docket)

Oh fuck, QAnon is running for schoolboard. (NBC News)

Pennsylvania idiot wants to import Arizona's singularly successful fraudit. — Politico

Speaking of! This poor farmer-senator, a devout Christian and Republican, who audited Michigan's 2020 election and is so fucking sad that all his neighbors are believing these fucking grifters and Trump, who's calling him out by name as COVER UP. If you have any more pageviews remaining at The Atlantic, this is excellent.

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