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Recipe Hub: Stracciatella, A Soup Made Of Things Likely to Be In Your Fridge Right Now

It's also pretty good!

Sometimes, in life, it is February and it is snowing and you maybe stayed out too late last night, and you don't have a fully stocked fridge but also don't feel like running to the grocery store because you would much prefer to lie in bed and feel very cozy and watch British murder mystery shows and think of a good excuse for not attending an Oscar thing. That may seem like a very specific situation, but I believe it is probably at least somewhat universal. In spirit.

SO! What I am making for lunch today is a very good and comforting soup that I can make with things that happen to be in my kitchen right now. It's stracciatella, which is kind of an Italian egg drop soup. And yes, it is also a kind of ice cream but we are not making ice cream. Who makes ice cream in February?

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Excuse Me, But Some Tennessee Republican Regularly Chugs Straight Chocolate Syrup And I Have Questions

With a side of cheese crackers.

You know, you spend as much time on the internet and watching trashy TLC shows as I do, and you think you've seen everyone eat everything possible. I've seen rats eating pizza, high schoolers eating spoonfuls of cinnamon, a woman who was addicted to eating couch cushions and another woman who ate the ashes of her dead husband. Also I dated a pretentious film guy in college who made me watch Salo. I am not new! And generally, I don't judge people for what they eat (unless they try to serve me a Caprese sandwich with a giant pile of freaking arugula on it, in which case I will be mad for weeks). Never yuck someone else's yum, I say!


I came across a tweet featuring Tennessee state Rep. Kent Calfee listening to the State of the State address, while casually sipping on a bottle of Hershey's chocolate syrup — as he, reportedly, "often does" during legislative sessions.

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Hey! Do You Still Need Some Food To Make For The Super Bowl? We've Got You Covered!

Sports! (Also your open thread)

Hey! So tomorrow is the Super Bowl! It's the Chiefs vs. The 49ers, and they're gonna play some football, I guess. More importantly, there will be a halftime show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, and that sounds awesome.

Anyway, people like to eat at Super Bowl parties, and we here at Wonkette have a whole bunch of recipes for things you can eat (or drink) at your Super Bowl parties while I am here tomorrow (and then going to a bar without TVs to not watch football in).

We do not recommend making Rush Limbaugh's mom's horrifying Jello recipe with pinapple, olives, Miracle Whip and cream cheese, unless you hate everyone coming over to your house and want them to leave so that you, too, can find a bar without any TVs.

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Recipe Hub: Rhode Island Pizza Strips, The Delicious Pizza You Can Serve To Your Vegan Friends

Also this is your open thread!

Sometimes, the best food is the most simple food. One of my most favorite snacks in the world, ever since I was a kid, are pizza strips. Tragically, they are yet another food that somehow pretty much only exists in Rhode Island. If you are there for some reason, I highly recommend the ones at Crugnale Bakery in Cranston (although honestly, even the ones you can buy at gas stations sometimes are delicious). They're referred to by a variety of names — pizza strips, red strips, bakery pizza and party pizza (because every party you ever go to has a giant pile of them, usually cut into squares) — but they're all the same thing.

Of course, they're super easy to make yourself, and I do it all the time, because I am lazy and because now my roommate loves them also.

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