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8 Tips For Hiding A Lost Litter Of Kittens! Tabs, Fri., June 17, 2022

So many Hitlers. It's tabs!

Ginni Thomas to the white courtesy phone please, Ginni Thomas to the white courtesy phone. (AP)

So the Republican senators who objected to the 2020 election certification are sorry and embarrassed right? LOL. — HuffPost

Tim Miller spent a week listening to Steve Bannon's podcast, which seems like an excessive punishment just for writing for The Bulwark.

Mop up your kitchen floor, it's time for your "they have made the parents crazy, these people are crazy, they are going to get someone killed" liedown.

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Musicians Who Were Also Murderers! Tabs, Wed., June 15, 2022

Well that's a click from me dawg. It's tabs!

Celinda Lake's research on January 6 attitudes: 60 percent are less likely to vote for someone who defends the insurrection and (as we knew) about a third of the country is hardcore Trump. (Project Defend Democracy)

So Mitch McConnell is a yes on the bipartisan gun reform bill. Fuck him. Meanwhile, California's red flag law — which states will be "encouraged" to adopt in lieu of a federal red flag law, and did I ever tell you about the piece of shit state senator who asked "would a red flag law have prevented this?" when I asked if we could get one in Montana after the man who threatened to kill all the kindergarteners at Donna Rose's school was let go following a three day Baker Act hold? — has probably stopped at least 58 massacres. [Mercury News / study UC Davis]

Aaaaand that's one of the reasons we left Montana! Greg Hertz, you win again!

What's the Supreme Court ruling on today? I think it's this pair of Voting Rights Act cases (like I know), so be ready for that one! — Democracy Docket

Ryan Grim at The Intercept on call-out culture and how it's paralyzing nonprofit and activist spaces. Interesting, not-perfect story, but the part that pulled me is Bill Moyer's eight stages of activism. It does feel wintry right now, doesn't it?

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Welcome to Wonkette Happy Hour, With This Week's Cocktail, The Jukebox Rebellion!

Because Pride wasn't always sunshine and rainbows.

Greetings, Wonketeers! I’m Hooper, your bartender. It’s Pride Month. I found a recipe to celebrate LGBTQ+ history with you. (No, it’s not rainbow colored. That would taste awful.) Let’s taste some history and make up a Jukebox Rebellion. Here’s the recipe.

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13 Tips And Tricks For Making Chocolate Confections At Home! Tabs, Thurs., June 9, 2022

I will eat you! It's tabs!

Won't someone think of the violence against white people? Ted Cruz and Chuck Grassley will! — Gift link Washington Post

But not the violence against this white person. Because the 73-year-old man was wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt at a Republican event when US Senate candidate Blake Masters of Arizona beat him up. (Tucson Sentinel)

These people are not okay.

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