Wonkette Redesign Spells Further Trouble for '06 Incumbents

Welcome to the new and arguably improved Wonkette, just in time for your 2006 Midterm Elections and the weeks of lawsuits, accusations, and sentient voting machine killing rampages that will surely follow.

Your content will remain unchanged (except much, much more lavender), with the exception of the elevation of Mr. Ken Layne from "long-term uncredited guest editor" to "West Coast Bureau Chief," with all the accolades and non-stop media hounding that promotion entails.

Please send any and all bug/glitch reports (and we're confident you'll find them) to the email address to your left. Make sure to specify your browser and operating system, or else we'll make fun of you. Please direct your death threats and rants concerning your hatred of the new design to editor@washingtonpost.com.


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