Wonkette Reports In: So Where Are You Going?

Hey all you party people,

So far the only real work being done here is by burly men lifting things. (Yum!) Everyone is basically filling out their dance cards, trying to scam invites for the hot ticket parties. Now, what's considered a hot party at a gathering of people whose biggest addiction is their PDA is a good question. But some parties are harder to get into than others, and those are ones people want to go to. Barring those events reserved for kajillionaire donors, the following soirees seem to be picking up steam:

Creative Coalition's party at Louis Boston. You'd think that Clinton was going to be handing out blue dresses there from the way reporters are salivating over invites to this. . . and it takes place inside a store. Whoever famous is here will be there.

GQ's party for Gavin Newsome, the mayor San Francisco, made famous for starting what Fox News insisted on calling "the gay marriage frenzy." Because all the straight men who read GQ feel very strongly about this issue. Almost as many famous people as the CC party, and not just the dopey "you should vote" famous people (i.e., your Frankens, your Garofalos, your Huffingtons). Ok, one non-dopey, non-overly sincere famous person: Andre 3000. But I understand that's a "gangsta rapper" or something. Scary!

The Economist/TNR/Some other wonky publications' event, sponsored by the Distillers' Council of America. There will be cocktail tastings and "the guest list is closed." So they tell me.

The Young Democrats/Rock the Vote party. Because the vote will be rocked. This one's tonight and even if it's lame I'm not really allowed to say so.

Oh and there's a blogger thing tonight, which should be, uhm, fun.

Will let you know more as I do. If I can remember.

Bang bang,



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