Wonkette's Top Ten Stories Of The Week Are ... Well, There Are Just No Words.

Wonkette's Top Ten Stories Of The Week Are ... Well, There Are Just No Words.

A mystery pup from Wonkette Operative Brett!


This week, your present from me is, uh ... well, it's a Christian Science puppet show for children featuring a ventriloquist doll and a panda and a hot German lady, although I don't think the panda talks so much as nods his head a bunch while the ventriloquist doll talks about Mary Baker Eddy. I have not watched the whole thing, but it looks fucking bananas so I absolutely will watch it after I'm done here.

The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show www.youtube.com

Christian Science was kind of like the first Scientology. There were a ton of celebrities who were into it, including Ginger Rogers, Joan Crawford, Mary Pickford (who wrote a whole ass book about it and everything) Doris Day, Anna May Wong (It is Anna May Wong month on TCM by the way! If it ever comes up in the live chat I have a LOT to say about how she was totally screwed by Hollywood. Also about Mary Pickford vs. Joan Crawford.), etc. etc.

You don't hear too much about Christian Science these days. Guess I should look into that! They're probably still around, not going to doctors and whatnot.

And here are your top ten stories of the week!

10. Wonkette Weekend Chat Will Only Lightly Drizzle On Your Parade

9. GOP Knows Trick To Make Voters Happy About Giving Up Abortion Rights, It's Called Lying

8. Oh Nothing, Just Kirk Cameron Paraphrasing Hitler In Push For Wholesome Christian Homeschooling

7. Look, Nice Thing! The Bidens Are Having A Cinco de Mayo Reception!

6. Ahem Clears Throat Hocks Loogie FUCKING BREAKING Supreme Court Overturning Roe. And Somebody Leaked It.

5. Supreme Court's Dobbs Decision Is SO BAD (How Bad Is It?) That It's Really Really Really Fucking Bad

4. These GOP Candidates Suck But Aren’t Terrible Enough To Beat Marjorie Taylor Greene

3. Is Ron DeSantis Bigger Whiny Baby Than Trump? This Video Suggests Maybe!

2. Tennesseans Now Able To Deworm Their COVID Without A Prescription

1. Italygate Election Conspiracy Theory Takes Kansas By Storm!

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