Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Is A Pal And A Confidant

Bird eating out of a feeder

'I like my pets free range. I call him (her?) Buddy' — Wonkette pal Dave

We are gifted with very few things that are truly, purely good in this world — so it's nice when some of those things can come together and create a new thing that is good and perfect and necessary. Betty White was wonderful. The Golden Girls was wonderful. And Cher? Cher is fucking Cher. Cher is not perfect, Cher has made mistakes, but she's fucking Cher and she was in Moonstruck and I will die for her.

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So here is my new favorite thing on earth, which I have now watched approximately 30,000 times — Cher looking gorgeous and singing the the theme song to The Golden Girls.

No word of a lie, I kinda cried a little. It's almost as good as the time she and Bette Midler got together and sang a medley of songs about me, many years before I was born.

Trashy Ladies ~ Cher & Bette Midler 1975www.youtube.com

Weirdly enough, I am wearing that exact same outfit right now.

And here are your top ten stories of the week!

10. Justice Breyer Gives Democrats One Less Thing To Freak Out About

9. Please Don't Mark The Anniversary Of Roe By Buying A $75 Gwyneth Paltrow Vagina Candle

8. Super Bowl Offers To Pay Halftime Dancers In Exposure Bucks

7. Wonkette’s Weekend Live Chat Predicted That The GOP Would Obstruct Biden’s Every Move

6. Welcome To Wonkette Happy Hour, With This Week's Cocktail, The White Russian!

5. The Top 147 Reasons Mitch McConnell Can Shut His Supreme Court Bullsh*t Facehole

4. Matt Walsh Pretty Sure Arranged Marriage Better Because Too Much Mustard In The Mustard Aisle, Boy Howdy Yep

3. JD Vance Pretty Sure America Needs To Laugh More At People’s Tragic Deaths

2. Matt Gaetz Having Good Day Again Probably

1. Arizona Democrats Give Kyrsten Sinema A Big Thumbs Down

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