Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Says You're Cute And Funny, And Your Teeth Aren't Teeth But Pearls

Wonkette's Weekly Top Ten Says You're Cute And Funny, And Your Teeth Aren't Teeth But Pearls

Meet Cody and Comanche, who were both adopted as seniors and are super cute! From Wonkette Operative Natalie.

Good morning Wonkers!

Hope you had a nice week! I never know what to write here, so I'm just going to drop a little something that came up in my YouTube feed. It is Carol Burnett, Chita Rivera and Caterina Valente singing "I Enjoy Being A Girl" from Rodgers and Hammerstein's Flower Drum Song while dressed as Morticia Addams. Like most Rodgers and Hammerstein songs for women about being women it traditionally makes me want to die in my face (even when Peggy Lee sings it).

But this speaks to me.

"I Enjoy Being A Girl" - Carol Burnett, Chita Rivera, Caterina Valente ala Morticia Addamswww.youtube.com

I was going to say that this is the only good version of this song, but then I found a version in which Cheryl Ladd and Miss Piggy sing it while doing karate, which I also respect as a choice.

Also too — I haven't gotten through all of your adorable pet pics yet, but I am nearing towards the end (amazingly enough). So if you've been looking at these beautiful pics and thinking that your buddy (I will not say fur babies, it is beneath me) ought to be a STAH, then send them on over to me at robyn@wonkette.com. Also, if you have any questions for Stephen and I, send them on over as well and perhaps we shall pick some good ones to address in the live stream tomorrow. Apparently I have an email death wish.

Here are Wonkette's top ten posts of the week!

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1. Daily Mail Got Police Report About Corey Lewandowski, And It Is NASTY

Fun! We'll be back in a bit with some quality #content.

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