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So some people took exception to our post on Jim Webb Jr. yesterday, calling it "below the belt" to write about

  • A candidate's son

  • A Marine

  • A Democrat

Like we said originally, we weren't going after Jim Jr. so much as his hoary Charlie Chan routine. But don't worry, guys: Dude can take care of himself. After all, he's a Marine. A porno-loving, China-hating Marine. Check out excerpts from his response after the jump:

This is downright awesome. At the last time I checked I had nearly 500 hits on my blog today. Which I think is pretty much the coolest thing since sliced bread, I mean who really gives a shit what a 20 something Marine has on his mind? Apparently it is someone higher up than I can comprehend....

For background, I went to a a high school that was about 20% white. And I got ripped on every day for being white, but you know what? I didn't care. You know why? Because the black kids, asians, hispanics, middle easterners, whomever it may have been, were just messing around. And without a sense of humor almost nothing is bearable. And only people who have no experience in life take everything litterally and seriously....

And I really need to thank you for supporting my cause. Afterall, there are many billets in my "support this friggin marine program" which still remain open. And to accuse me of liking porn is preposterous. I love good porn. Espicially when I haven't seen a girl in 5 or 6 months (due to my job). Oh by the way I also love to drink. Kicking a few back with my friends is an awesome time, getting smashed and shooting pool is even better. And you know what, afterwards sometimes we go club baby seals. It's kind of a challenge to find them here in southern NC, but hey we're marines right? Impovise adapt overcome is one of our sayings. Ok we don't actually club baby seals, but remember "wonkette" that a sense of humor is key....

Oh by the way did you know my step mom was Vietnamese? And I know my father loves her dearly. But wait, didn't he kill vienamese back in the 60's? So I make a few cynical comments about my fishing rod being manufactured in China due to outsourcing, and therefore not only losing jobs here in the states, but creating a product so horrible, that it snaps when I catch a fish, and that makes me a racist. But what about a man who has actually gone so far as to kill people from another race. But then feels love for a member of that race and marries her. What kind of situation is that? Maybe someone should write a psychological review. Because that can't be natural. (cynicism...humor)....

So "wonkette" I admit, you've nailed me. And as punishment you can shave my head and send me to Iraq in a few weeks. Oh wait that's already happening. Maybe you can continue to look past the fact that Allen called a guy a "dirty arab" who wasn't even muslim, or arab for that matter. So, in closing continue to attack my charecter please. Because you know what? I don't care, and besides the publicity is amazing. Who knows, maybe some good looking lady will send a picture to me and my platoon while we're in Iraq.

Ahh, screw it. Next time we're going after John Murtha.

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