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Wonkette loves you. Wonkette loves the advertisers more.

Center for American Progress: The Progress Report "I've already found this update to be indispensable - Paul Begala"

Politemps: "Temps with a clue - about politics"

Challenging Delay, Inc: "Help Richard Morrison Kick Tom Delay out of Politics"

Coleman & Winstein P.C.: "Dress British. Think Yiddish."

The Manchurian Candidate: "Only in Theaters July 30 -- Watch the trailer"

TomPaine.com: "Check out a veteran CIA analyst’s take on the Senate Intel Committee report"

Shakedown Beach: "The guilty pleasure read of the election season"

The New Yorker: "Subscribe now for only $1 an issue"

Democratic Action: "Win a trip to the convention"

NARAL: "Bush vs. Choice: Could any George be worse than George W?"

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