We just watched Barry Bamz on the cable a moment ago,saying farewell to HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and introducing his nominee for the cabinet position, Sylvia Burwell, and we also watched Rachel Maddow's kinda spluttery reaction to the resignation last night -- she worried that the resignation, a week after the announcement that Obamacare Open Enrollment was successful, was like a sports team "stop[ping] halfway through their victory lap to fire the coach.” And Yr Wonkette just wants you to know that we fully support your right to pay no attention to this story altogether. We will not burden you with minute examinations of the scattered chicken entrails of Sebelius's resignation: Was she forced out? Did the right wing win? Is she leaving on a high note? Is this a feather in Obama's cap, or a big black eye?

These questions may well matter a great deal (they must, since people are talking about them on teevee) but Yr Doktor Zoom will resolutely support your inalienable right to stand with your fellow citizens who do not watch cable news, and completely blow them off. For that matter, he will join you in resolutely not thinking a whole hell of a lot about the inside-sportsball analyses of every last detail of how the resignation occurred and how its announcement was stage-managed, except maybe to say that, as regards "the optics" at the Rose Garden appearance this morning, Sebelius didn't look like someone leaving under a cloud. Beyond that, we'll leave the Deep Analysis to the kinds of folks who used to get excited about which deputy commissar was standing three places away from Brezhnev on top of Lenin's Tomb during the May Day parade.

Needless to say, we'll be right back to the story the minute it turns weird -- most likely when Fox News tells us it was perfectly timed to distract the nation from Benghazi, or maybe when Burwell's confirmation gets held up after Breitbart News discovers a line in her sophomore term paper on The Sun Also Rises almost certainly indicates that she supports euthanizing Christian children. We will definitely be all over that. And of course, we have to give a tip o' the leather kitten headgear to reporter Jake Grovum for this tweet, which may turn out to be the best psychic prediction since Sarah Palin's speechwriters foresaw Vladimir Putin rearing his head over Crimea:

Please enjoy a fine weekend of not giving a good goddamn about the Sebelius resignation.

[AP / Mediaite]

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