Wonkette T-Shirts: Operatives, Disclose Yourselves

While hopped up on goofballs recently, we decided to print a very small run of Wonkette t-shirts for friends and family. Then we realized we didn't have any of those. So we're selling them online.

100% cotton, T-shirts made by American Apparel, lovingly printed by the tiny bleeding hands at our own private Eastern European sweatshop.

UPDATE: Yes, real Wonkette operatives can't really wear these things. ("How not to get to ask the president anything ever, part 46.") But they have other distinguishing marks. Track marks, whatever.

Use caution when purchasing that you choose the right color and size: see our handy-dandy chart below. We're way too lazy to do returns, and we'll just make fun of your whiny little emails. While supplies last (not long), etc. (Note: sizes run small. For example, men's XL is more like a regular men's large.)

However, we totally do care about your privacy. All account information collected is kept confidential. We absolutely do not sell or trade email addresses or other private information.

Click here to enter the Gawker shop and purchase Wonkette t-shirts.

Questions? Hit us at shopping@gawker.com.


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