Wonkette to Cosponsor Best Debate Ever

Oh boy, a "Dear Friend" email! We love getting emails from our friends!

Dear Friend,

I am inviting you, as a conservative leader, to join me and ConservativesBetrayed.com as a co-sponsor of a proposed debate between Mayor Rudy Giuliani and Rep. Ron Paul on American foreign policy and the Iraq war.

We are intrigued!

I believe there would be tremendous public interest in such a debate, especially among Republican voters.

It is obvious from the Republican presidential debates held so far that these two candidates have strong but divergent opinions about foreign policy and the war in Iraq. Both of them are knowledgeable and articulate on the subject. They have the capability to recreate the famed Lincoln-Douglas debates on one of the foremost issues of our day.

I say, let's do it!

Attached are copies of the invitations to Mayor Giuliani and Congressman Paul. I would like to add your name to those extending the invitations.

Of course, your co-sponsorship of this debate would not constitute an endorsement of these candidates.

I plan to issue this invitation in a few days, so if you'd like to have your name included in the letters, please let me hear from you soon.


Richard A. Viguerie


Well, Mr. Vagu.. Vigar.. friend, we, as a fellow conservative leader, would love to cosponsor this debate with you. Because when we think "modern-day Lincoln-Douglas" we, too, think Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul. Ron Paul, obviously, is Michael Douglas. Which makes Rudy some sort of car?

But yeah, more than happy to cosponsor. We've even come up with some awesome questions!

* Mr. Mayor, how many hot dogs can you eat at one time?

* Followup: How many hot dogs would you force feed a captured insurgent if you knew that he knew where some terrorists were going to strike next?

* Mr. Congressman, if you were President, would America surrender after the first new 9/11 or the second?

* Mr. Mayor, which of your wives gave the best head?

* Followup: which gay roommate?

* Mr Congressman, would you mind just chatting about the history of American intervention in the middle east for a minute or two? We just need to set up Rudy for a solid insulting come-back.

Ok, that's good for now, right? Oh, can we hold the debate at your place? Our apartment's a total mess right now. And can we, halfway through, just drop like a shitload of angry ferrets from the ceiling? Like instead of the "sitting down" part? Cool, looking forward to it!


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