Wonkette: Too Hot for Live Blogging!

Especially astute readers have noticed that while the site launched on Friday, the archives go back to early December. How could that be? Through the magic of the interweb, Wonkette existed in its own little media bubble for weeks and weeks and weeks, protected from the outside world by burly women's lacrosse players and a password. Here is some of what the general public missed:

· It takes on new poignancy: The Dean Tattoo

· We do too have celebrities: The Ali Wentworth Show

· The complete "Translating Tina Brown" series. Watch as the jokes become more lurid, the layout increasingly complex!

· The I've Seen Movies Edition

· The Special Friday Edition

· The Trump Tower Edition

· The I Know a Little About Politics Edition

· The Will You Be My Friend Edition

· Putting a positive spin on things: Easterbrook's Bad News

· Kristof's krazy kolumn: Gays: Good for One Thing

· Grover Norquist is the Queen of Pop: The Man Who Would Be King-Maker

· Kucinich: Rappin'-de-rap-rap-rappity-rap

· The real reason Dean lost Iowa: Diminutive Dykes for Dean

· Strom Two-fer! Thurmond Love Child: He Did But Treat Her Good and Update: Strom Thurmond's Love Child


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