Wonkette Watch: Catch Wonkette on MTV

Ana Marie Cox.jpgIn case you forgot, Wonkette's regular editrix is in Boston as a correspondent for MTV. Like us, though, you haven't seen her on MTV and were wondering when, if ever, you'd see her.

We have it on good authority that you can catch her around abouts 7:45 PM Eastern (4:45 Pacific) during Direct Effect, the hip-hop show with, get this, Matthew Yglesias, or as Ana would say, "The fucking Matthew Yglesias."

Direct Effect [MTV]

Democratic Convention Wisdom: A Wonkette F.A.Q. [Wonkette]

If you miss Ana the first time, here is how you can catch Ana today and tomorrow:


Thurs 7/29: 7:50pm 850pm

Fri 7/30: 750am, 850am, 250pm


Will air every :15 past the hour from 915pm tonight through 815pm

tomorrow night


Will air on DFX tonight between 7pm-8pm


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