Wonkette Writer Strike Ends

Hi everybody, it's your old friend Ken Layne. So I went on vacation a couple months ago, and then I saw three triangular UFOs over Shirley MacClaine's house, and the next thing I remember was the picket line outside the Wonkette office building, which is actually an abandoned Chinese buffet restaurant next to a Payday Loan place in Prince George's County.

And then I heard the writer's strike still hadn't ended, but my "life partner" Jay Leno was coming back to work anyway, so people could finally fall asleep again, and now I'm back at Wonkette, as Editor.

2008 will be a "slow year" for political news, but we'll make the best of it. Welcome back to your cubicle, everybody. According to the news I just looked at for the first time since Halloween, John McCain and America are back. (Megan & Jim & Greg & Elise & Justin, is Ralph Nader running again? Let me know. And Ron Paul dropped out of the race, right? Some kind of lightsaber accident?)


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