Wonkette's 2006 Midterm Binge Drinking Game!

Booze = Freedom - WonketteYou asked for it, repeatedly, so here's your Election Night Drinking Game.

Take a hit when:

* DailyKos makes a crazy fraud accusation.

* Rick Santorum shows up on TV for no apparent reason.

* Katie Couric mispronounces a U.S. state name.

* Chris Matthews' spittle becomes visible to the home audience.

* A black voter is interviewed about not getting to vote.

And then we get serious, after the jump.

Take two sips when:

* The Corner makes an even crazier fraud accusation.

* Matt Drudge calls it for Republicans.

* First liberal blogger of the night says he's moving to Canada.

* GOP incumbent claims Republicans "control spending."

Take a shot when:

* Tim Russert's goddamned sketch-board first appears.

* Wonkette editor Alex Pareene makes a vulgar gesture while CNN "checks in with the bloggers."

* George Allen concedes.

* Weary Fox News commentator accuses Democrats of wanting to "Cut and Paste."

* Kinky Friedman wins.

* Things are so blurry that you can't tell Brian Williams and Tom Brokaw apart.

* Bush tries to concede.

Lightning Round:

* Brit Hume weeps on-air: Entire bottle of champagne, one Xanax.

* Jack Cafferty punches Wolf Blitzer in the mouth: Three shots of bourbon, vomit on remote.

* Katherine Harris wins: Have a "Crying Jesus" -- two rails of meth and then give your Republican neighbor a blowjob.

* Exit polls completely "wrong," GOP actually keeps the House and Senate and most governorships: Bottle of absinthe, pack of Camels, shoot dog.

Put your own variations in the comments! And remember, drinking whiskey is the first step to Revolution.


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