Wonkette's Blanket Terror Threat Coverage Continues

princerevolution.jpgAnonHillStaffer: washington is burning yet?

AnonHillStaffer: the news is making it sound like the world is on fire

wonkette: i wish the british police were protecting us. they seem to be better at it.

AnonHillStaffer: they're better at racial profiling

AnonHillStaffer: we tip toe around it

AnonHillStaffer: they just go after the irish and the muslims

AnonHillStaffer: and those students who are "lost"

AnonHillStaffer: the news headline here was something like "despite the NATIONWIDE MANHUNT, authorities are saying there is no immediate threat"

wonkette: dude -- arrested in Minneapolis! awesome!

AnonHillStaffer: haha excellent

AnonHillStaffer: minneapolis has always been the epicenter of international terrorist intrigue

wonkette: probably drinking at the CC Club

AnonHillStaffer: haha

AnonHillStaffer: at prince's place

wonkette: Paisley Park was the scene of a major anti-terrorist operation today...

wonkette: witnesses say the suspect was reportedly heard telling al-qaeda leaders "I Would Die 4 U"

Three missing Egyptian students in custody: FBI [CTV]


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