Wonkette's Brave New World

  • "Interview with Ken Layne, new owner of Wonkette." [Los Angeles Times' Web Scout]
  • "Breaking: Gawker Media selling Wonkette blog; spinning off three sites." [Politico/Calderone]
  • "Wonkette's like that aunt who gets bombed at every family function. And has Tourette's. What would D.C. media be without it?" [Washington Post Express]
  • "Wonkette Leaves the Gawker Empire." [DCist]
  • "Blogonomics: Selling Wonkette." [Conde Nast Portfolio]
  • "With the sale of Wonkette smack-dab in the middle of an election season, where will Gawker Media readers go for political coverage?" [Fishbowl NY]
  • "Gawker says goodbye to Wonkette." [Los Angeles Times]

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