Wonkette's Inside the Bubble Washington Journalism Awards: First Peeps of Interest

So far, we have a lot of interest in the Wonkette Inside the Bubble Washington Journalism Awards. People especially want to honor Helen Thomas in some way. Worst Seat Assignment, Worst Excuse for Being in Briefing Room, etc. Also someone thinks David Gregory should be up for at least two, "Best question asked in a foreign language;  or question that most irritated the press."

We're having a a great time pouring through suggestions for categories though some, we admit, would be five-, six-, seven-, or, uhm, how-many-of-you-are-there-again? ties. "Biggest Suck-up"? Please. That's what the whole dinner is for. We're trying to narrow things down! How do you feel about the "Rick Bragg Memorial Local Color Award"? Or the "Maureen Dowd Memorial Prize for Ability to Link Current Events to Popular Movie/Song/Television Show/SNL Catchphrase"?

Please keep ideas coming: . We're lazy.

WHCA Awards, New and Improved [Wonkette]


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