Wonkette's Own Wikileaks: Pentagon Says No To Acronyms

Wonkette's Own Wikileaks: Pentagon Says No To Acronyms

Did you enjoy the million new Wikileaks' secret documents with your leftover turkey? Of course not. There are just too many documents! And that's why Wonkette is launching its own version of Wikileaks, the Wonkileak -- each release will consist of exactly one (1) document. And we guarantee that each release will completely shame every level of the U.S. Government, forever. Today, we present Wonkileak #1, this authentic DoD memo from this morning that outlaws acronyms. Somehow, we think the Pentagon is going to losethis war, too.

Here is the complete body text of the memo:

The use of acronyms by the Department of Defense is extensive. Many acronyms have multiple meanings and are not always well known outside a particular organization. Although using acronyms in written material is intended to make writing clearer, their misuse or abuse does the exact opposite.

Effective immediately, all written correspondence prepared for the Secretary or Deputy Secretary of Defense will minimize the use of acronyms or include a comprehensive glossary as the last tab of the package. Particular attention should be given to Read-Aheads and slide presentations, which can contain a large number of acronyms.

Michael L Bruhn

Executive Secretary

So, the king of all the secretaries in the Pentagon has said ENOUGH! Will the other secretaries listen? Who knows! Here is the scan of the memo so you can enjoy the "TSC" thrill of seeing the original command document:

Thanks to our secret emailer buddy, "SEMB."


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