Wonkette's State of the Union Schedule Is Strong

Paintin' the clown red - WonketteBecause you've asked, repeatedly, here is the official Wonkette SOTU 2007 Schedule:

* Double-time liveblogging from both your editors, at least one of whom may make it through the 40-minute sad-clown routine without going for the official Wonkette suicide pistol.

* This means two different posts updating like crazy, all the time for the whole 40 miserable minutes!

* Even more old-school liveblogging as Crazy Jim Webb gives his "rebuttal," which we're pretty sure is going to involve running up to the podium and strangling Bush while making lots of scary military-action grunts.

* A thrilling secret "drinking game" of some kind, probably in time for you to print it up at work and bring it to the bar or back seat of your car or wherever you choose to drink and enjoy America's saddest moment.

The SOTU should STFU! But it won't, so we'll cover it all. May God maybe stop blessing America and punish some other people for a while, like maybe China or Canada or somewhere.

The State of the Union Is Skeptical [CBS News]


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