Wonkette's Top Ten Liveblew Itself!


"I am Frida Kahlo!"

Come ye, come ye, gather round and witness the marvels of Wonkette's Weekly Top 10, as chosen by "reading."

10. WHAR JOHN BOLTON? Impeachment Liveblog, Day 1,265! You guys sure loved Evan's liveblogs. Several of them!

9. Joni Ernst, Ted Cruz, Wyoming Guy You Don't Care About Have Three-Way Impeachment Worst-Off. What utter pieces of human shit.

8. Lev Parnas And His Badass Weed Lawyer Dropping Fire Mixtapes Like POW! Liz is in love with Joseph Bondy; I think she said he had the resting heart rate of a lizard or something, which is apparently a thing she admires!

7. Liveblogging The Republican Impeachment Response, Which Will Be Duuuuuuhhhhhh (Day Five). LIVEBLOG! BY LIZ!!!1!

6. No, Wonkette's Not Giving Larry Klayman $75,000, LARRY. So. We have a lawyer now who is representing us sort of mostly pro bono? But we still need to pay for his costs, which shouldn't be too hugely grotesque. When I've got an initial handle on what they will be, I will let you guys know. I love you.

Also, I am not kidding, our lawyer represents Alex Jones. Also some Nazis. FIRST AMENDMENT Y'ALL. We had a good phone call! Hi Marc Randazza! Hiiiii!

5. Pompeo Attempts To Stick Up Reporter, Winds Up Shooting Himself In The D*ck. It's true. This man has no dick.

4. Another Day, Another Sh*tshow. Impeachment Q & A Liveblog, Day Two! What it says.

3. How Many Trump Crimes Will His Lawyers Confess To Today? (Impeachment Trial Liveblog, Day Whatever!) All of them, Katie.

2. TAKE HER OUT! HEADS ON PIKES! Trump Impeachment Trial Liveblog, Day Four! Then Schiff said "heads on pikes," like when they say the title of the movie, and all the GOP senators lost their miiiiiinds.

1. Is Trump The World's Stupidest Criminal? Yes. Your Impeachment Q & A Liveblog! Tell you guys a secret: I have NOT EVEN READ THIS YET. I'm gonna read it right now.

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