Wonkette's Week in Review

Yes, we know all about Vice President Dick Cheney accidentallyshooting his quail hunting companion, Texas lawyer Harry Whittington, this past weekend. We will surely have some tasteless jokes about the incident -- or at least about the White House's failure to release details about the incident -- in the near future. (In case you're wondering, Mr. Whittington is in stable condition, "alert and doing fine.")

For now, here's a belated look back at the week that was here at Wonkette (which we meant to post, um, "a while ago"; but we had a little too much fun on Saturday night).

* Brownie covers hisass before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee.

* Maybe Brownie got the idea from Scooter, who also blames his boss in recent testimony.

* Alberto Gonzales agrees with Brownie and Scooter: giving testimony isn'tfun. Certainly less fun than smoking Dutch Cleanser.

* Recurring rumors about Justice Stevens possibly retiring: maybe they're true this time, maybe they're not. But hey, at least we get to have a contest!

* Speaking of unverified rumors -- is another big media scandal about to break?

* Barack Obama wins a Grammy. John McCain is pissed.

* When it comes to Capitol Hill blog-and-sex scandals, they don't make 'em like they used to: "Stormie Janzen, Wonkette broke the story of Jessica Cutler. Wonkette knew Jessica Cutler. Jessica Cutler was a drinking buddy of Wonkette's. Stormie, you'renoWashingtonienne."


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