* Not able to attend last week's big Denmark solidarity rally here in Washington, led by the redoubtable Christopher Hitchens? Our comprehensive coverage -- featuring the fantastic photos of Wonkette paparazza Liz Gorman, Intrepid Girl Reporter -- is available here and here.

* Sadly enough, Team Wonkette didn't make it to the rally. We were just too hung over, after a night of partying with journalists at the National Press Foundation's delightful and elegant awards dinner. (Yeah, we know, we're wimps -- being hung over has never stopped Christopher Hitchens from doing anything.)

* Crackberry addicts will continue to get their fix for at least another month. Just like the open bar at the NPF dinner, it's a blessing and a curse.

* You say: "Can someone please explain this whole Dubai ports business?" We say: "Sure! Just click here. You're welcome!"

* But we can't, for the life of us, explain the latest Rick Santorum scandal. It has something to do with Starbucks. (Wonkette words to the wise: stay away from the venti Santorum latte.)

* Does this count as news? Joe Biden is running for president. At least we can count on him to solve the nation's energy crisis.

* Speaking of quixotic bids for elective office... Here at two reasons to vote for Tom Malin, the ex-gay prostitute (or should that be "ex-gay-prostitute"?) running for the Texas state legislature. First, he's an ex-gay prostitute. Second, he used to sell Mary Kay cosmetics -- and everyone knows they're fabulous!

* Now you can talk back to us here at Wonkette. Wanna give us some lip? Ask for a comment invite, send us something that vaguely resembles a juicy tip, and you shall receive.


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