Wonkette's Week in Review: 6,000 Minutes In Heaven

* A bold new Congress came to town and immediately disappointed everyone, including themselves.

* But it was Nancy Pelosi who stole the show, with the biggest hippie-infested swearing-in party of the week, and her hammer wielding photo-ops .

* The plan to spend the first week of the session outing crushes and pederast tendencies has turned into a clusterfuck of semantic games about what "an hour" is. They'll actually start doing something next week, assuming the pissy emails are as effective as planned.

* Classy terrorist congressman knows about unfair labels in politics, just prefers they be tastefully done.

* Harriet Miers and John Negroponte are too old for this shit.

* Some Bush family fringe members had a party for themselves or something.

* The main, globally reviled Bush began winning the hearts and minds of Iraqis with a little electronic piano serenade.

* Nevada: only the criminally insane have what it takes to thrive.


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