* This is how the world will end, not with a bang, but a clank, and the thump of a pneumatic hammer on an elevator. We're relieved that no one was hurt, but it sure was exciting covering all the action. Er, whatever it is that passes for action. In the end, the biggest danger of the day was the risk of some soiled gabardine, but even that was averted.

* Before we got all excited about some ambiguous loud noise, the Senate confirmed Michael Hayden. That Toby Kieth playlist we made last week came in handy for the celebration.

* Bush marks his territory by peeing ordering the William Jefferson FBI documents sealed.

* The championship round of the Congressional Catfight was this week. Wild card entry "Mean Jean" Schmidt ended up walking away with the title.

* Pat Robertson seeks strength in the Lord, and in the old "Vitamin S", apparently. Even with the video proof, there are some who doubt that the 700 Club is now the 2000 Club.

* Bill Frist: friend to man and beast.


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