Wonkette's Week in Review: Building Toward the Climax

* Tom Vilsack goes from also-ran to has-been.

* Barack Obama responds to criticism of his campaign by getting a "shape up," smiling more.

* If Dick Cheney tells an Aristocrats joke in China, does anybody hear it?

* At least when the oil company takeover of Iraq is finished, it'll be a lot easier to score Mountain Dew and Pringles in Anbar.

* Revolutionary new media entity does what we usually do, and talks shit about everyone.

* Parties, parties, parties: the ones we go to are never as fun as the ones we skip.

* "I will screw him in the ass!"

* Michelle Malkin teamed up with Fox News because "FOX News is blowing the lid off the blogosphere."

* Your editor, Alex Pareene, was the guest of honor at Washington Life magazine's "The Young and the Guest List 2007" gala.

* We tried to keep Vilsack and his furry costume in the race, really.

* Only white non-Jews permitted to post on double-exclusive LNS forum. The rest of youse can only watch.

* Now that you're in the privacy of your own home, you can crack open a can of Sparks and masturbate to those girls kissing in their underwear. When you're done, consider the choices you've made and the various ways our lives are spent.


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