* It turns out that a court does resemble a circus, at least when Jessica Cutler is there, along with a former paramour as plaintiff and an alleged former paramour as defense counsel. Well, not anymore, as defense counsel had to "pull out."

* Well, at least Tim Russert is beaming, now that his son is getting beamed across the country on satellite radio. As for us, we're just into the free Jim Beam.

* Sometimes we wish that even though things sounded too good to be true, they still were true.

* Like the story of Kimberly Williamson Butler, the New Orleans mayoral candidate who supposedly posed in front of New Orleans Square in Disneyland, instead of the real-life New Orleans, for the photo on her campaign website.

* Oh wait -- that story wastrue.

* Never thought it would happen, but we got bored of talking about a complete pervert.

* Just a little question to see who's the biggest asshole boss on the Hill, but we got a lot of responses.

* Moving off the hill, up Pennsylvania Ave, and from abuser to abused, we wonder who will be Helen Thomas's new rag doll.

* So Scotty may be on the way out -- perhaps by the end of the summer, according to the latest rumors. But Rummy, he of the allegedly iced underpants, probably isn't going anywhere. Sorry, David Ignatius.

* It's definitely not too much with the superlatives, is it? Okay thanks, we were a little self conscious for a minute.

* You know, we've been in this game long enough to know that Cynthia McKinney is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to batshit crazy politicians.


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