Wonkette's Week in Review: Gotta Serve Somebody

* To Dick Cheney "family" just means "officers in the coming clone army."

* John Kerry brings his trademark failure to what would have otherwise been at least half-assed revenge.

* You could say a woman who would let Paul Wolfowitz's tongue down her throat is one in a million, but that would mean there are 300 in America alone.

* The mysterious case of Karl Rove's folder is, like everything about this White House, complete bullshit lightly salted with childlike wonder.

* Mitt Romney is the best, handsomest, richest also ran who won't be president.

* Washington Post people finally realize that the "reporting" they do is just cute garnish for the weather forecast.

* New hell-spawn U.S. Attorney inspires fear and lusting in Wonkette commenters.

* Newt Gingrich loves his Latino brothers and sisters, because hey, burritos are delicious and an '89 Corolla with giant chrome rims is just cultural expression, esse.

* Isn't hot British sailor hostage porn already a genre?

* Republicans are furious over Nancy Pelosi's refusal to show contempt for other cultures.

* It's Easter in America!


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