Wonkette's Week in Review: Innocence Lost

* Scooter Libby is guilty as charged for the crime of giving Joe Wilson a reason to run his mouth incessantly since 2003.

* Lucky Libby will now be lifting weights and reading the Qu'ran for the next 24 months.

* Unless President Bush has a big enough heart or big enough balls to pardon him.

* Which is doubtful since El Presidente doesn't even have support from the slave-driving, virgin-sacrificing community.

* The rotting soul of 21st century American makes evil triumph over good.

* If the thought of a "President Walnuts McCain" causes you to uncontrollably spew bile, then you might be related to Chuck Hagel.

* Choke it down long enough to get hired as Michele Bachmann's nubile office boy, and we'll have a shoulder ready for the existential crisis that's sure to follow.

* Condoleezza Rice: coming soon to a Vice Presidential mansion near you.

* Honor former Vice President Cheney by shooting someone in the face, because, hey, you can.


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