Wonkette's Week in Review: Keep On Truckin'

* Barry Hussein Obama sells out his childhood to finance his presidential campaign.

* Weaving a web of lies day after day has really aged Tony Snow. Plus, there's an alien growth in his guts.

* John Edwards announces that his slowly dying campaign will not be rushed by his slowly dying wife.

* The Politico makes like a real politician and fucks up.

* Citizen journalist shocks political-media establishment with news that people in Ohio have Final Cut Pro.

* Naughty fantasies about Frances Townsend will get naughtier when she gets made Homeland Security secretary.

* Nadine is back!

* So is George Allen!

* Jesus Christ, Al Gore's back, too.

* For the fourth birfday of the Iraq war, President Bush used his "progress/sacrifice" speech template; we used our live-blogging one.


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