Wonkette's Week In Review: 'My Name's Dr. Multimillionaire and I Kicked Your Ass'

* If you pay a shred of attention to anything on this list, please let it be these belated photographs from the RNC holiday party. UPDATE: They password-protected the site but Wonkette commenter Schvitzatura kindly saved the day. LYLAS!

* Now that you're feeling good about your body again, let's get down to business. Two major stories this week: Wednesday's speech and angry Tucker Carlson. We know gossip hurts, Tucker, but you can't fight the computer. A video store clerk blogged about Tucker opening a rental account and Tucker got him fired. We learned just this week that TC may have attacked a McDonald's cashier for not supersizing his breakfast sandwich. We respect a pundit's privacy. Oh, and here's a picture of his lovely home.

* Regarding the Surge Speech: Bush sent the troops before he made the speech or asked whether it was our final answer. We live-blogged it. Even Matt Drudge got in on the laughter at the tears. If Mr. President expects those tears to get him anywhere, he better call up Sarah Maria Santorum for a lesson.

* Her daddy got a job! Rick Santorum was cast alongside Nicholas Cage in America's Enemies Program.

* Two quotes to read aloud to your loved ones: Republican Senator Johnny Isakson of Georgia advised the Iraqis to "know when to hold 'em and know when to fold 'em." Democratic Representative Steve Kagen of Wisconsin got in Karl Rove's face in the White House men's room and said, "You recognize me? My name's Dr. Multimillionaire and I kicked your ass."

* The DNC will have the 2008 convention in Denver, passing over New York and New Orleans. We're trying to be adults about the gravity of this political error.

* Chris Dodd is surprisingly plugged in to our demographic. We signed up for the DoddSquad, rocked out to the DoddPod and took a ride on the DoddRod.

* There are Vulcans in the White House, but they're not from Star Trek.


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