• Non-voting congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton stubbornly refutes Stephen Colbert's claim that DC is not in the United States. Even though his mind is made up, she continues trying to confuse him with facts.

  • We suspected there might have been some photoshop foul play, but it turned out Katherine Harris just wasn't in the front of the picture. First time for everything.

  • Montana Senator Conrad Burns boldly ignores post-9/11 decorum and balls out a team of firefighters. Burns's own performance review to be completed in November.

  • No surprises here, the worst campaign in America, is run by exactly who you think it is.

  • Ann Coulter (pot) calls Bill Clinton (kettle) gay (black).

  • Eliot Spitzer loves the wacky-backy as much as you do.

  • If any OMB fraud auditors mess with Elaine L. Chao, they'll end up with a government contracting officer's severed head beneath their sheets.

  • Dana Milbank sets the chattering class a chattering with a mystery quote from a republican candidate. But, as we all know nothing in DC stays a secret very long.

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