* The week started off with a double shot of intelligence stories to get us all hot and bothered. Did we say hot? We meant super-hot.

* Sometimes they pop and sometimes they sizzle.

* When nothing's really happening, it's easy to get bored. Luckily, Katherine Harris makes such a lovely distraction.

* If it gets really slow, then it's time to make your own fun. First step: think long and hard about who would win a knock-down, drag-out scratch-battle between two crazy and energized congressional furies. It turns out, no one had to think that hard after all -- it was a landslide.

* Next in the ring, House firebrand and chatterbox Sheila Jackson-Lee squared off against "Sergeant Homemade Sweater" herself, Virginia Foxx. This one had a closer finish, but was still a straight beat down.

* This is getting pretty exciting, and now it's time for two of the pre-tournament ranking favorites: Cynthia "I Train In The Off-Season" McKinney and Nancy "Don't Make Me Give You The Crazy-Eye" Pelosi. It was neck and neck for a while there, but Nancy reached back to her street roots, and clawed out a victory.

* We're all about equal opportunity, especially in the eye-gouging, arm-biting world of congressional catfights. Enter: the men. The polls stay open until Monday, so keep your clicking fingers warm.

* Nothing else actually happened, so we set up some side-bets: beauty this time, instead of destruction, and the name of the rose.

* No chance of any real fun this weekend, what with the rain and all the police around, so just stay in and consider the possibilities in the Wonkette Fantasy League.


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