Wonkette's Week in Review: Oh Time, Great Healer

* Official Anna Nicole death week isn't about sex intrigue and lawsuits, it's about burning out and having your cultural immortality putter crappily along.

* At least Sizzle Chest saved us from Astronaut diaper week. Although, walking around in your own shit is a highly functional metaphor.

* National Prayer Breakfast turns to Jesus for lost spreadsheet.

* Mark Foley gets an award for suffering his gayness in silence.

* Administration re-confirms pre-Iraq-war fuckups, denies everything else, again.

* Vast right-wing conspiracy calls other, more vast right-wing conspiracy a bunch of pussies.

* Adrian Fenty makes Cookie Buffet, Queen of the District.

* Hill staffers denied Valentine flowers and chocolates seize Statuary hall, turn it into a primitive orgiastic utopia.

* Katherine Harris: still holding office hours in the back seat of her car.


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