Wonkette's Week in Review: So, That Happened

* It was a whole week of amazing 2006MidtermElection madness, starting with a "I'll choke your wife if you choke mine" deal between Congressmen McChokey and McSmacky.

* George Allen spent about 72 hours above the pop singer Madonna, in a ranking of influential American Jews.

* Completely unsurprising election day clusterfucks.

* Voters realize at the last second that terrorism is scary, but still care more about having their money stolen and the troops in Iraq.

* GOP pollster makes predictions -- half right, half wrong, but still loses job.

* We spent election night at CNN's blog slumber party. Exciting as that sounds, all we could do was keep asking ourselves the same question over and over.

* Oh yeah, those fake predictions we made, were on the money.

* Other highlights from our insane all-night election coverage, including a dispatch from Jim Webb's never ending victory party.

* Of course, the party did eventually end -- for George Allen ... Macacaship Down!

* Not 12 hours after we collapsed on our desks, Rumsfeld was out,Robert Gates was in, and the 2008 Presidential race had started.

* The goodbyes are the hardest part: Godspeed George and Conrad and Mehlman.


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