* Rep. Cynthia McKinney hits a Capitol Police officer with her cell phone. We've been all over this one -- our coverage is collected here (scroll down).

* Another story we've been loving: Fingergate, in which Justice Antonin Scalia was photographed making a debatably obscene -- but probably still rude -- hand gesture.

* We thought those were Silvio Berlusconi's hands around that traffic cop's waist. Alas, we were mistaken. Sorry about that.

* Speaking of dirtiness... Media Matters works hard to keep the mainstream media free of conservative bias, but they can't keep their men's room free of filth. And they can't keep their employees from leaking (haha) internal memos to Wonkette.

* The D.C. Examiner has a similar problem.

* Michael Scanlon and Emily Miller: the plot thickens. Check out the money quote from Jack Abramoff: "She tried to blow up me and scanlon, but blew up the entire Capitol instead."

* Still more on Ben Domenech: the results of Wonkette's exclusive investigation (featuring real reporting!) into why he left Regnery Publishing.

* Bush visits Mexico. Photographic hilarity ensues.

* Condi generates funnyphotos too when she travels.

* The Army lifts its ban on tattoos.

* As for hard news last week, Andrew Card announced his resignation as White House Chief of Staff. (It's taking all of our willpower, but we will refrain from making lame puns on his last name.) More personnel departures may be on the way.

* Meanwhile, in happier news for the Administration, Donald Rumsfeld has managed to locate those weapons of mass destruction. (The missiles in the picture look like long-range ICBMs.)

* Finally, Katherine Harris remains photogenic.


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